Tapping (EFT) to Relieve Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety on Today Show

I am excited to see Tapping get some attention in the National media because it is a useful, gentle practice for anyone dealing with everything from day-to-day stressful events, to longer term problems that feel stuck.

“Even though I have this stress, I unconditionally love and accept myself.”

If you watch the video, it gives you a very basic description of how tapping works.  But, there are a few points I would add/clarify.  First, the segment below is part of a “spiritual renewal” series on the Today show.  In my view, Tapping is not a spiritual practice.  It is better described as a “mind-body” practice.  You do not need to have any particular spiritual belief to use tapping and it is not associated with any faith tradition.  In addition, the host Megyn Kelly describes tapping as being unorthodox.   There has actually been research on tapping: Trauma update: On the Tipping Point For Tapping therapy | HMS  and increasing investigation into this method.  There are a few different schools of thought and slight variations on how to practice tapping, known as the Emotion Focused Technique.  But, all use a basic sequence of acknowledging the problem in conjunction with a statement of self-acceptance while combining the tapping sequence.

If you are interested in trying tapping, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can lead you through the introductory practice…and then you will have the tools you need (literally) right at your fingertips to continue at home.   See the Today show video below:

Could tapping be the solution to chronic pain and anxiety? – TODAY.com

Atlanta Grief Group Starting in March 2018

“In an important sense, stories are the medium through which we live, love and grieve.”  (from Remembering Lives pg. 44)

What are the moments you recall with your loved one?  How do those moments inform you today?  How would knowing your loved one benefit others?  The upcoming grief group at Metropolitan Counseling Services will invite reflection on these questions and more.  Often we are taught that in order to grieve properly we must let go and move-on.  In this group we may ask different questions: What would you like to hold onto?  How will your life be different if you carry this with you?

If you are intrigued by these questions call or email me:

404-321-1794 x316


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